Shelby Smith

Director of Golf Instruction

  • 33 Years Professional Golf Instruction in Atlanta (10 yrs) and Myrtle Beach (23 yrs)
  • Golf Instruction Clinics - YMCA's, City Rec Centers, Senior Centers, Expos, Health Clubs, Retirement Communities, Driving Ranges, Hotels & Conventions
  • PGA Tour Superstores - "Seniors Enhanced Golf Clinics" - Myrtle Beach, SC
  • City of Myrtle Beach Exclusive Contract for Golf Instruction & Schools - 8 years
  • Elderhostel / Road Scholar Senior 5-day Myrtle Beach Golf Schools - 8 years
  • Lead Coach / Instructor First Tee Junior Golf Youth Development Program - 13 years
  • Event Organizer & Host for RE/MAX World Long Drive Local 3-Region Qualifiers

"The DynaSwingFIT Golf School is one of the finest instruction programs I have seen in golf. Content is superior! Teaching Professional, Shelby Smith and his staff, present a highly competent golf training program. His DynaSwingFIT Instruction Manual is excellent! The teaching style

Shelby Smith

Volunteer Community Team Leader

Gary Schaal

Former President - PGA of America

PGA Hall of Fame Member

is very professional, with a friendly personal rapport for all levels of golfers. I have seen first hand, ball-striking improvement with greater distance and consistency achieved by golfers I have sent to the DynaSwingFIT Golf School. Results by their students have truly been outstanding!"


Shelby has also developed a "Senior's Enhanced Golf" instruction series with special considerations for helping seniors' golf swings, game improvement, and enjoyment.


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Call Shelby at 843-602-3118 for
Schedules & Lesson Appointments


We take great pride in seeing our students progress and reach new levels of enjoyment in their golf games. You will leave our Golf School with confidence and improved ability to hit that ball. You will also understand your own swing and how to make the adjustments for improved success. I very much look forward to working with you. The drills that you will learn will dramatically improve your golfing experience. RESULTS are guaranteed!

~ Peter Drucker ~

In teaching we rely on the 'naturals,' the ones who somehow know how to teach.

The DynaSwingFIT Golf School specializes in maximizing distance with the driver. It's only fitting that DynaSwingFIT has hosted several RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship "Super Qualifiers" in Myrtle Beach for contestants from 21 eastern states.

Shelby Smith has been developing thousands of golfers at all levels since the late 1980's in Atlanta, and since 1996 in Myrtle Beach. He is an experienced golf teaching Professional, a certified Ping Club-Fitter, and a Wilson Advisory Staff Member.

A former 1 handicap player from the Washington, DC area, Shelby has been the principal owner of four golf retail stores and knows golf equipment. Now a Senior with over 40 years of golfing experience, Shelby has developed a "refined" teaching approach that simplifies the golf swing motion. Basic fundamentals and swinging the golf club "on-plane" makes the difference.

Shelby has worked over the years with beginners, amateurs at all levels, and many golf professionals. He is a specialist with the Driver and getting his students 20-50 more yards with accuracy and maximum ball flight.