3 DAY SCHOOL - $165

*Reservations and a deposit are required for all schools. Call (843) 602-3118 to schedule. Your Visa or MasterCard will not be charged until the day of the school. Junior golfers may attend with a paying adult for a major discount.

  • Hands-on instruction by Shelby Smith
  • Personal Video Swing Analysis with V1 System
  • Ball-Striking / Club Analysis - Zelocity Launch Monitor
  • Swing Fundamentals and Drills Handbook
  • Special Programs for Seniors, Men, Women, and Juniors
  • Beginners Basics Clinics
  • Excellent Corporate Programs


  • Improved Ball-Striking Ability
  • Greater Consistency and Control
  • Power / Distance increased for all Clubs
  • Set-Up / Alignment and Balance Improved
  • Simplified Understanding of the Golf Swing
  • Confidence Increased. Strokes Reduced.
  • Greater Golfing Enjoyment. Have more FUN out there!


These schools have 2 hours of instruction each day,  including the full-swing fundamentals of Stance/Posture/Balance, Grip, Backswing/Downswing (Swing Plane), and Finish. Ball-striking with Irons, Fairway Woods, and Driver at the practice facility are included. Special emphasis is put on the Driver.

2 DAY SCHOOL - $110


Each of our programs include personalized instruction, working closely with each student and their individual swing needs. RESULTS ARE TRULY EXCITING! Shelby Smith, will be your primary instructor. He designs a program for you and the group in a relaxed, easy-going atmosphere and teaching style. Emphasis will be put on the areas that will benefit you the most. Shelby and the staff of instructors "FIT" fundamentals into YOUR swing. With easy to understand concepts, true learning occurs through a simple, basic approach. Effective drills and use of industry proventraining aids "groove-in" solid, repetitive ball-striking results.


the #1 goal is to instill great fundamentals, belief in one's self and be there for the students.

DynaSwingFIT Golf Schools are fun for everyone! Consider a golf school experience for your family and friends!

Our Specialty!

The Driver Is


1 DAY SCHOOL - $55


Donate Team ID: DynaSwingFit

Call Shelby at 843-602-3118 for
Schedules & Lesson Appointments

  • Full-Swing Fundamentals - Irons & Driver
  • Short Game - Chipping, Pitching, Wedges, Bunkers
  • Putting - Techniques for improved effectiveness on the greens, stroke analysis, and putter fitting

Classes For Men & Women

All Ages & Skill Levels

  • Ultimately - Greater Distance off the tee
  • Higher Club Head Speed with increased accuracy
  • Increased X Factor at Top of Backswing
  • Reduced Ball Spin Rates + Increased Ball Speeds
  • Increased Lag in Downswing
  • Create Highly Efficient Ball-Striking


Everybody loves the long ball! And Shelby Smith specializes in teaching you how to increase distance, accuracy, and control with the big stick! Adding 20-50 yards more distance will allow you to hit easier approach shots. Being 20-50 yards closer to the green off the teebox equates to dropping 1, 2 or even 3 clubs. This allows for the player to hit the green more easily and more often, resulting in lower scores.


Shelby Smith

Volunteer Community Team Leader