The DynaSwingFIT Golf Clinics here at the YMCA were once again a huge success! These clinics have been a tremendous added benefit to our members for the past 4 years and I have heard nothing but great things from those who have taken advantage of these classes. Thanks again for all you do.

Tom Garber

8 RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship Appearances

2008, 2009, 2012 Atlantic Regional Long Drive Champion

2011 Southeastern Regional Long Drive Champion

2013 WLDC Runner Up - Super Senior Division

Shelby Smith knows the golf swing. More importantly for me... he really specializes in the driver and how to utilize your physical ability to achieve your maximum potential. He explains it concisely, but has the uncanny ability to help you implement his instructional fundamentals into your golf swing.

Since beginning his instruction, I have won 4 Regional Titles and have earned my spot in the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championships 6 times.  With Shelby’s help, I have increased my swing speed from 127mph to a personal best of 142mph. My highest recorded ball speed was 202mph. I did that at the age of 48. Pretty stout.

I’ve posted drives over 400 yards 8 times in competition... the longest recorded drive being 421 yards at the 2013 RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship. In that event I placed 2nd in the world in the Super Senior division (50 years and up) and 7th in the world in the Senior division (45 years and up). In a charity event in 2010, we marked one of my drives at 457 yards.

No matter what your age, if you want to maximize your distance off the tee, you’d be doing yourself a huge favor by involving Shelby Smith as your instructor.

From tee to green... he’s simply the best.

I’ve been a professional Long Drive competitor for about 11 years now. When I first started competing, I really wasn’t a threat to anyone in my division. Physically, I wasn’t as big as the guys I competed against. Quite frankly... I really wasn’t that good. But, I loved the sport of long drive and I really wanted to prove to the world and myself that I had what it took to be a champion. That’s when I decided to incorporate the expertise of Shelby Smith, owner and operator of DynaSwingFIT Golf School.

That decision changed everything for me!

Dana Rouisse - 8 Hdcp

Myrtle Beach, SC

After an extensive series of Shelby's quality lessons, I gained 50 yards off the tee. My ball-striking is now more consistent and my handicap has dropped from 18 to an 8 now.

As a result, it is a lot more satisfying to play the game.

Shelby has had a big impact on my game. He helped fix my grip and posture. When I first went to see him, I was slicing the ball. Now I play a consistent draw. I went from shooting in the high 80's & low 90's to a high 70's & low 80's player.

Ken Johnson - 9 Hdcp

Lake Oconee, GA

With the help of Shelby and the Key to Golf Swing Fundamentals, my handicap went from 16 to 9 in four months. As a result, I was selected as Most Improved Golfer at Port Armour for the year.

Mike Ford - 17 Hdcp

Murrells Inlet, SC

After three lessons with Shelby, I started to see a slow, but sure improvement in my game. From a 106, I am now down to an average 90 and getting better. I now have confidence in my swing. I am 76 years old and now can hit the ball over 200 yards. I can't say enough about Shelby and the help he gave me.

Lisa Garvin - beginner

Myrtle Beach, SC

Shelby is a master at breaking down a very complicated sport to make learning the swing fun and rewarding...especially with the simplicity and effectiveness of several drills that bring great understanding and improvement. From an absolute beginner to making par on three holes and birdie two holes at Sandpiper Bay course after only 4 lessons. This truly indicates the quality of instruction.

David Hunt - 10 Hdcp

Myrtle Beach, SC

Thanks for making golf fun again. Having lost consistency and yardage due to a 'Tired Swing,' I was convinced by a friend to visit Shelby for a tune-up. After 3 lessons I was hitting the ball and scoring better than before. Very easy to understand. Shelby talks in laymen terms to make it all less confusing.


real understanding and a simpler, more doable, balanced swing motion produces consistent solid ball-striking.

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Matt Dempki

Chief Executive Officer

YMCA of Coastal Carolina

After just 3 lessons, I shot an 83 on a course that I never broke 90 on. Mechanically, my backswing feels more compact and overall more efficient. As a result, the downswing is easier on my body.

Trevor Morton - 8 Hdcp

Myrtle Beach, SC

Kevin Morris

Pepper Geddings Rec Center Supervisor

Volunteer Community Team Leader

Shelby communicates technical information about golf in a way that people can understand. Experienced golfers, as well as beginners, can benefit from his style of teaching, beneficial content, and practical tips and drills.

Kevin Foster - 18 Hdcp

Ravinia Club of Atlanta

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Shelby Smith